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If you have been following this series of lessons, you know that I am giving students quite a lot of in class work time, and we aren't even to the actual writing yet.  I think about this time a lot because lets be honest we do not have near enough time to do everything we're expected to do.

With that said, you will continue to see a lot of writing time invested during class.  After 17 years, I know there is a great deal of difference between what I get from my students if I just give them time.  TIME is such a valuable thing if you want results and not just with writing, but also with reading.

If you follow me you know I believe that we mush give students time to read in class if we expect them to be readers, and the same applies to writing.  Teachers, myself included, are often guilty of expecting mountains to be moved when we give students the tools, but we forget that the work takes time.

I will be the first to say technology is awesome and allows students to access and work on what they are writing from anywhere they have an internet connection.  I will use that tool to it's fullest, but "in addition to" not as a replacement for time in class.  

  Giving Students Time
  Unit Planning: Giving Students Time
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Planning Your Argument

Unit 10: Argument - Part 2
Lesson 4 of 17

Objective: SWBAT use the information they have accumulated to create an organized plan for their argument.

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