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Checking for understanding is important—making sure that students understand what they are doing with materials and lab procedures before they start working is important from a safety perspective, and it increases the likelihood that the learning objective will be met and the class will run smoothly. By modeling this early on in the year, by setting this norm, I am showing students how we do labs. Demonstrating understanding of the procedure before the lab starts is a non-negotiable norm in my classroom.

This lab is obviously not a dangerous lab; however, as students move on to working with other chemicals, it is imperative that they know what they are doing for the safety of themselves, their classmates, and for the success of the learning objective.

In addition to checking for understanding so that students get the most out of the lab from an academic and safety perspective, clear understanding of procedures is also important from a classroom management perspective. The more students understand the procedure, which includes knowing where equipment and supplies are located, and how to use them, the less demand will be placed on me during the lab. This results in creating more space for me to monitor the whole class for safety, while also engaging in dialogue with students about the discoveries and questions that the lab brings to light.

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Eating Nails for Breakfast

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
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Objective: Students will learn how to use magnetism extract iron from a mixture. They will be able to share data and make an argument from the evidence.

Big Idea: Magnetism is a tool that can be used to extract metals from mixtures.

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