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Well, the student grouping didn't go exactly to plan.  First, I should have had a reflection, where students explain their part in the group work, part of the assessment expectation.  Second, in each class, there were a couple students who weren't contributing to their group.  It is really early in the year for the students to really know the protocol for taking an assessment in groups.  I could have fixed this with specific group roles and it would have made it move more effectively.  

  I should have established some group norms
  Student Grouping: I should have established some group norms
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Short Story Assessment, With Choice: The Presentation (3 of 3)

Unit 12: Short Story Boot Camp
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT present information and evidence logically so that their audience can follow the line of reasoning by collaboratively building a group presentation.

Big Idea: Including a Speaking and Listening component to my assessment will allow students to practice multiple skills.

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