Reflection: Lesson Planning Listen and Respond to the Story in Listening Center - Section 5: Changing and Differentiating this Center


I love having a fun, differentiated listening center; however, I do not feel that I need to reinvent the wheel with each story in order to do this!  Although Jack and the Beanstalk is just one story, I can use the same response sheet for other pieces of literature as well!  I like to keep a little pack of response sheets and use them over and over; I can change them up easily if needed.  I love to visit TeachersPayTeachers and find resources that other teachers have made- this is the best way I have found to avoid making everything myself but still have cute things!  Here are some great resources I found on TeachersPayTeachers and I love how well they support my listening center, while still being diverse!  I think sometimes, as teachers, we can get stuck in a rut and just do the same things over and over because we know how to do them well; however, I think it is crucial that we find novel ideas and learn from others... searching online is a good way to help me do just that!

Here are some great resources I found:
Response Sheet About Your Favorite Part

Response Sheet About the Beginning, Middle and End

Response Sheet About Conflict and Resolution

Response Sheet About Characters and Important Events

Response Sheet About the Beginning, Middle and End

Response Sheet about Character and Plot

General Listening Response Sheet

Another General Listening Response Sheet

  Lesson Planning: Thank Goodness I never reinvent the wheel with listening center!
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Listen and Respond to the Story in Listening Center

Unit 4: Jack and the Beanstalk Unit
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT respond to a familiar story by giving their opinion in written form.

Big Idea: Express how YOU feel about a beloved tale!... Writing you'll enjoy!

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