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Children who make books in the classroom, or contribute to the creation of a class-made book, feel a sense of ownership and pride.  This makes the books relevant to the child and more likely to be pulled out for reading over and over again.  I know in my class, these are some of the most "fought over" books.  The practice of actually reading the book aloud is essential for the development of literacy skills such as voice to print matching, left to right progression, and one to one correspondence.  That repetition piece is so important.  This is why we do retellings and we encourage our students to read the same books multiple times.  It is the reason that I try to read a story twice in a lesson.  In the case of our friend, Froggy, the children never tire of him or his situations.

  Making Class Books
  Student Ownership: Making Class Books
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Froggy Goes to School and I Can, Too.

Unit 10: Making a Reading and Writing Connection
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Objective: SWBAT practice writing "I can" sentences and make meaning from their writing. Student Objective: I can write about how I get to school.

Big Idea: My writing has meaning.

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