Reflection: Diverse Entry Points First Grade Reading Buddies: - Section 2: Meeting with our Buddies


Ms T and I met after school to pair up students based on reading abilities and personalities.  In the video clip you will see a 1st grader who is able to read at the first grade level.  In the next partnership, we matched up an advanced 1st grader reading at the third grade level with an advanced 5th grader.  We are expecting the 5th grader to give the 1st grader some good feedback about her reading or help her with words and comprehension.  In the next partnership, we paired up a 5th grade ELL student who is just learning English and reads at the HIJ band with an emergent 1st grade reader.  We think this will be beneficial for both students because my student will get additional practice reading out loud and the 1st grader will get to work on his listening skills and see how the 5th grader uses strategies to figure out new words.  The next partnership in the video, needs to be coached on how to sit side by side so that both students can see the page and are equally invested.  In the last partnership, we matched up two boys based on their personalities and friendship outside of school.  I have an emergent 5th grade reader practicing his oral reading to his 1st grade friend.

In October, we will do a project with our buddies for our literacy parade.  It will be based on a book that Ms T picks.  Our two classes will work together making masks and posters about the alphabet. 

  Diverse Entry Points: Pairing Up Students
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First Grade Reading Buddies:

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: SWBAT listen to and/or read to a long term reading buddy weekly.

Big Idea: Develop friendships, listening and reading skills

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