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Before starting this unit I took the time to get to know the novels and directed students that I knew to need extra support with comprehension to the certain ones on the list, like Among the Hidden. It is shorter, less challenging (considering plot, vocabulary, etc.), yet is still highly interesting. I make time throughout the unit to meet with these students. We read parts together. Sometimes I read or I partner them with a peer so that they hear fluent reading. Sometimes I have the student read, so that I can check in on their fluency. We talk about the plot, address misconceptions, and sometimes I offer them typed notes to supplement their own. These are just some reading strategies proves to support struggling readers in the middle school classroom.

  Diverse Entry Points: Reading Success
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Choice Novel Unit: Characterization PPT

Unit 9: Character Change: Choice Novel Unit
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Create a visual presentation that describes how a story's plot unfolds and how characters respond to conflict.

Big Idea: Visual presentations that feature literary elements let students show what they know about character qualities.

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