Reflection: Shared Expectations Team Roles - Section 2: Expert Groups


As I circulated between the groups, I noticed that most of the expert groups had a clear leader who was doing most of the thinking and writing on the chart.  I coached students to take turns and that it was necessary for everyone to participate by sharing and writing on the chart..  In one group I asked the students, "What is your process for taking turns?"

A student said, "We aren't really taking turns..."  So then I asked if I could teach them a way to take turns when they are working together.  I shared a strategy for taking turns, similar to how I had done with the other three groups.   It worked fine tucking the turn taking in as students were working.  I did not teach "how to take turns" in their expert groups during the mini-lesson because I didn't want to focus on the procedure but rather on the content (what does a encourager do and say, for example) of what they were gathering to do.

I was able to quickly, teach them to share in a circle based on who sits at table 1, then 2, 3, etc.  Now in future activities, I can remind student to take turns sharing in their group- go in order so that everyone participates and one person doesn't dominate the group work.

During the whole group share, I had the opportunity to reinforce taking turns sharing.  I directed the students to sit with their expert group and to place the chart in the middle so that all 7 of the members could read off of it when it was their turn.  This way all students participated in the whole group share out of the 4 charts. 

  Working together- taking turns
  Shared Expectations: Working together- taking turns
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Team Roles

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: SWBAT perform a team job to support each other in their table group and our classroom community

Big Idea: Shared Responsibility based on individual accountability

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