Reflection: Lesson Planning Drop and Pop - Energy and Speed Exploration - Section 4: Elaborate


My students loved this lesson and loved being able to "play" in science. You can see in my student photographs and videos in the lesson that I did not have dropper poppers like in the cover photograph or the like the poppers shown in the video in th explain part of this lesson. I looked everywhere in my town for them and could not find the specific brand like the one shown in the explaining video. I felt that this lesson was too engaging and important to skip all together, so I decided  to improvise and go with "plan b."  As teachers, we do this so often, it's important to note in this reflection. This lesson did not go as I had originally intended, but my students still learned tons.

In this lesson, students were not able to drop the poppers we used and have the popper use elastic energy and turn itself back outward when dropped from a height. However, students were able to see the video and make sense that it could happen. That hands on aspect of this lesson gave students enough background and experience to understand that a "real" dropper popper would in fact bounce higher than the original starting position. Students definitely understood that elastic potential energy and gravitational potential energy would cause the popper to bounce higher. 

This lesson was an excellent reminder that sometimes lesson don't always go as planned, especially if materials are lacking. In this case, my students were better off getting some hands on experience rather than the alternative, none! 

  Making Do With Materials
  Lesson Planning: Making Do With Materials
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Drop and Pop - Energy and Speed Exploration

Unit 1: Speed and Energy
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT experiment with gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy and observe transfer of energy.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students use a FUN TOY to make observations that speed is related to the amount of energy in an object as well as work with gravitational and elastic potential energy.

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