Reflection: Relevance Identifying Persuasive Appeals in Advertisements - Section 2: Practice Makes Perfect


After yesterday's lesson, It was obvious that students were missing the relevance piece.  They didn't quite understand the connection between argument and advertisement.  I know I needed to do some additional practice before I asked students to write an analytical paragraph.  Boy am I glad I did!  The practice portion of class today was absolutely awesome.  I actually saw some, "AHA!" moments that reinforced the lesson from yesterday.  Sure, reteaching is time consuming and often frustrating, but watching students today, I understand how valuable it is.  One student who was lost yesterday, was fully engaged today and was one of the first students finished.  As I walked around to observe and help, I noticed lots of students debating with other students about the purpose of their ad.  

I had  debated over how many to ask students to complete, but five under each category was just enough.  

  Reteaching is often necessary
  Relevance: Reteaching is often necessary
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Identifying Persuasive Appeals in Advertisements

Unit 11: Introducing The Building Blocks of Argumentation
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze how an author's claims are developed by evaluating the argument of an advertisement.

Big Idea: Students should be able to express what they know in an analytical paragraph.

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