Reflection: Adaptive Technology Dabbling in Data - Section 3: Data Analysis Activity


Depending on my school's technology availability and/or my student population, I have differentiated this activity with the use of Google Docs.  This overview has some great tools for helping students that are visually impaired or have issues with motor skills when writing.  

Last year was the "year of the broken right hand/wrist/finger" for me, so I found that offering these students the ability to do activities on the computer was a great option.  For the student that can't write or see well, the ability to modify assignments and use a mouse can really help.  Of course, the technology needs to be available in the school to make this extension useful and it really helps if students have access to the internet from home (not always the case).  

  Differentiation with Google Docs
  Adaptive Technology: Differentiation with Google Docs
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Dabbling in Data

Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to analyze and interpret a given data set using graphing and narrative writing.

Big Idea: Starting the year off right with a data analysis activity to get students thinking on the first day of AP Physics 1!

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