Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Dabbling in Data - Section 2: Introduction


My students were not nearly as willing to read aloud as I thought they would be!  These are AP students that are used to rigor, but they were all so quiet and reserved that first day.  I tried to be a good sport and read the first paragraph for them, but after that I had only one student volunteer to read.  After an awkward silence and some wait time for other students to volunteer, I let the only student who read pick the next person to read.  This pattern continued until everyone in the class had an opportunity to read.  Another issue I didn't see coming was that the class was too small, so some people had to read twice - not a fun way to start the class when some of these students didn't even want to read once.  I will consider adjusting this for next year and assigning students parts to read as they come into the classroom.  Or, perhaps I will mark each lab handout with a different number and that will be the order in that they read?

  Very Few Volunteers!
  Adjustments to Practice: Very Few Volunteers!
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Dabbling in Data

Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to analyze and interpret a given data set using graphing and narrative writing.

Big Idea: Starting the year off right with a data analysis activity to get students thinking on the first day of AP Physics 1!

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