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Every chemistry class is a bit different in the use of calculators.  I stress to my students to use calculators and have them accessible at ALL times for two major reasons. 

First of all, in my school almost all students take chemistry as their physical science requirement with no math prerequisite so many struggle with basic math skills. 

Secondly, I feel that math class is a time to practice mental math and solving problems without calculators, but that there is so much to do with equations BEFORE and AFTER calculating that it is much easier to have students use calculators. 

In order to ensure students have access to calculators I encourage them to buy one similar to the one we have in class (TI30XIIS) to leave at home for homework and offer them ones to use in class.  I have a class set of calculators in the back of the classroom that students will either grab on the way in the door, or I will have them take a break in the lesson and go and grab them before we need them.

  Calculators in Chemistry
  Routines and Procedures: Calculators in Chemistry
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Significant Figures

Unit 1: Unit 1: Working as a chemist
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Objective: Students will be able to properly record and calculate data with proper significant figures by taking notes, practicing, and performing a lab.

Big Idea: When calculating and measuring in chemistry it is important to use significant figure rules.

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