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With so many school cutting their art programs (mine included), if classroom teachers don't add art to their lists, there are some children who will never have an appreciation for art.  I can really begin to see the difference in my students in the three years that we have not had art.  They have less refined cutting and coloring skills, very little drawing perspective, and less vocabulary to talk about the pictures.  I try to use the illustrations of the books I am using in my language arts lessons to teach some art appreciation.  This is why I spend some time talking about the illustrations and how they influence the story.  In some situations, we will try to model our projects off of the illustrator's style.  

  Why are the Illustrations so Important?
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Why are the Illustrations so Important?
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YAWN! A Retelling From The Napping House

Unit 10: Making a Reading and Writing Connection
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Objective: SWBAT listen to a story and then use props to retell a story. Students will find patterns in literature. Student Objective: I can listen to and retell the story.

Big Idea: Using props to retell a story can add some interest to a napping story.

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