Reflection: Perseverance How Setting Contributes to Conflict - Section 3: Working with the Ideas


This activity forces students to analyze the story elements, both separately and as a group.  The students who will struggle with this are the ones who did not develop a coherent thesis, or ones who wrote things like "...these elements make the story more interesting."  I think that the struggle is appropriate and necessary. When I did this lesson, I had many students who just wrote any old thesis.  The natural consequence of this action was that they really had a hard time trying to create any kind of unified product.  My goal is for students to appreciate the craft of the writer, and to be able to become a thoughtful and evaluative reader.  This involves preparation and the willingness to reflect..two things that some eighth graders really resist.

  Productive Struggle
  Perseverance: Productive Struggle
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How Setting Contributes to Conflict

Unit 10: Tangerine, by Edward Bloor
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Objective: SWBAT connect an original thesis to evidence in the story -- in this case, the students are developing ideas about the relationship between setting and conflict in Bloor's novel, Tangerine.

Big Idea: Novels and stories are constructed in layers -- with each layer supporting and shaping the next.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, symbolism (Literary Terms), novel, story elements, character development
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