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My class is thrilled to make their own stories in booklets of paper that I've stapled together. They have a feeling of being an author more so when we use the booklets versus a blank piece of paper.  For them, authors write books, not papers.  Going this route takes a little more time, but the children are more likely to share these book,and will read and reread them.  They can store these booklets in their book boxes and take them out at any reading time.  Some students will write out stories, some will draw detailed pictures, and others will write just one word.  This gives me an opportunity to check their writing ability levels in a quick way.

  Here's My Story
  Student Ownership: Here's My Story
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Look at My Purple Crayon

Unit 10: Making a Reading and Writing Connection
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Objective: SWBAT take a familiar story and retell it in a personal way. Student Objective: I can create my own adventures with my purple crayon.

Big Idea: Children enjoy taking stories and putting their own twist on it.

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