Reflection: Rigor Poetic Sound & Structure Terms - Section 4: Did They Get It?


Again, I find myself enamored with the Common Core Standards.  The have yet again forced me to reconsider the level of understanding I expect from my students.  

In years past, when working through this lesson, I did not ask my general students to complete the exit ticket portion.  This type of deeper thinking was something I considered "extension" and only appropriate for advanced students.  What a disservice to my general students!

As I increase the rigor for all of my students, I am continually amazed at what general students are able to do, when given a rigorous task.  I have always given lip service to the idea that students will rise to the expectations you set, but it's so exciting to actually see it in action!

  What used to be extension is now for everyone!
  Rigor: What used to be extension is now for everyone!
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Poetic Sound & Structure Terms

Unit 13: Introduction to Poetry
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze how a poem's structure contributes to its meaning by identifying and writing about the use of sound and structure in poetry.

Big Idea: Every sound and syllable in a poem is purposeful.

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