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Here is a sample of student work that I received, and I think it shows a good appreciation for the artist, his experiences, and the appeal of the art work itself.  The student also connects the total of this to a work of art from our class experience, which shows a high level ability to make connections.  While this piece is not as sophisticated or as detailed as a full research paper, it's really just an informal version (W.9-10.10) of an informative essay (W.9-10.2) that the student can choose to expand and perfect at the end of the unit. 


My Life Story:

My name is Vladimir Kush. I was born in 1965. I went to study at Surikov Moscow Art Institute. I was then joined the Soviet Army for 2 years. I was assigned to paint murals. In 1987 I started to exhibit the USSR Union of Artists. I was already making money in the streets with art and I made caricatures for the newspaper. In 1990, my exhibition in Germany  caused me to emigrate to the U.S. I moved to Los Angeles but then I moved to Hawaii. I later opened the Kush Fine Art galleries in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach, California.

A Connection:

As I was reading Kite Runner, Amir and his dad (Baba)  moved the San Francisco. His dad bought him a car, and Amir drove that car to thru downtown. Usually when the sun sets Amir drives up to a hill, stops the car, sits on the hood of the car, and just stares down to the beauty. This part of the book reminds me of the picture I drew. It is perfect because the sun is setting and the two people are sitting on the edge of the hill and staring at the air balloon and there is a sunset behind it. What I know both this imagery have in common is that both Amir and the people in the image are imagining/thinking something else but looking straight to beautiful sunsets. Its like the imagery gives them answers to something.


The Art Piece

When I was done making this piece I was making the people look at something else then the sunset, the air balloon.  Of course the fake air balloon isn’t real but the people inside the picture feel free looking at it. Looking at an air balloon fly is a beautiful thing, so is being on one. You just feel free, and the picture seems like the people are going to get on the balloon and have an adventure ahead of them.

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  Writing Across the Disciplines: Student work
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Writing an Artist's Statement: Informative Writing

Unit 10: Writing about Art: Exploring Image and Linguistic Connections
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write informative prose, an artist's statement by synthesizing and explaining sources about an artist and his/her work.

Big Idea: When we take the time to learn about an artist and present him or her in writing, we can better appreciate his or her world.

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