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As I noted above, by providing students with the topics for the essays, they can prepare their strongest evidence ahead of time. By presenting these today, I also wanted to take some of the tension off of the students, and ensure their best work. The conversation today dealt a lot with what "identity" actually means, and I tended to encourage students to seek their own definitions, but mainly that it was about figuring out "who we are", either as a character in a novel or a person in real life. I also stressed to students the importance of asking themselves why is "who" the character, speaker, or author is significant to the work? More than anything, this should be what their essays ultimately reveal, the selection, organization, and analysis of evidence should address this topic. 

As students reviewed for the multiple choice final, I found many of them again reviewed by quizzing each other in pairs. This has encouraged me to have students create some form of flash card or flip book to review in the future--stay tuned. 

Of course, students tried to skirt the boundaries of acceptable portmanteaus as well, with questions like, "Can we call Holden a 'Firk?'"  

  Students React to the Written Response Questions
  Student Ownership: Students React to the Written Response Questions
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Final Exam Review: Open Forum and Independent Study

Unit 6: Collaborative Speaking & Listening: Designing Identity in "The Catcher in the Rye" Boardgame
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate independence and proficiency in comprehending stories, drama, poems, and non-fiction in order to prepare for the semester final exam through class review discussion and pre-writing.

Big Idea: How do I study for this? (We've all been asked it. Here a few answers.)

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