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The photo below shows a whole group demonstration of a quick check. After the closure, I take a couple of minutes to like the kids up to go to their special. As I call each student, I ask them to show me a combination that makes 5 using their blocks. They snap their 5 tower apart any way the want, and tell me the combination orally ex: 3 plus 2 is 5 (holding a three tower and a two tower in their hands). They then place the blocks in a basket I am holding and they line up. I jot down the names of any students who cannot successfully take apart 5 and tell me the number sentence that represents the combination. I meet with those students later in the day or the next morning, as time permits. We have a quick mini lesson on the concept to see where they kids missed information and to fill in any gaps they may have.

  Checks for Understanding: Quick checks
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Snap Apart 5

Unit 12: What Makes 5?
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT find combinations that make 5 by breaking apart 5 towers and naming the parts.

Big Idea: Kindergartners need a concrete understanding of what it means to decompose and compose numbers to 10. Combinations for 2, 3 and 4 are easy for them, but 5 and above is struggle every year. This activity makes it fun to learn.

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