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Not every lesson gets that wonderful firework effect where each student gets the gist of what you taught. For the group of six I found that only one was still struggling using the chunking method. In order to determine if he just needs more time practicing or if their is an underlying issue causing him to struggle, I need to work one on one with him. I start by asking him to read for about a minute to me. I then choose a word and ask them to show me how he might chunk the word. He does a great job looking at the beginning of the word but struggles in the middle. I show him how I can use my finger to cover the words to make parts and that way my eyes focus better. He does this and it seems to help because he is not trying to figure out the whole word just the piece he is looking at. We try a couple of other words and then I ask him to practice this for a couple of days. I will check back with him and see if this was the trick that helps him get it. 

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In Small Chunks: A lesson on using chunks to decode for a small group

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
Lesson 14 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to separate large unknown words into smaller chunks, like syllables, blends, or smaller words to help them decode.

Big Idea: Reading vocabulary and tricky words come around all the time during reading. Some students use strategies to decode, but many students try to skip over and never try to decode it. This can be detrimental to comprehension. Small groups might be the only way

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