Reflection: Rigor Sequencing With "Strega Nona" - Section 2: Introduction and Guided Practice


I didn't originally teach the lesson as you see it now.  The way I taught the original lesson consisted of too many opportunities for guided practice and no opportunities for independent practice.  I've grown a great deal in my teaching practices this year.  I taught this lesson at the beginning of the year and my intention, like many teachers, was to really support my students so they could be successful in the lesson. 

The nice part of being in the Master Teacher Project is that I work with a coach who offers feedback with my lessons.  She has helped me to understand that pretty much every lesson needs to allow students opportunities for independent practice.  It's the independent practice that makes students internalize thinking, and the thinking on their part is what furthers their understanding. It took me the first portion of the school year to realize I was underestimating my students by offering to much support and only giving them opportunities for guided practice.  I didn't have any place in the original lesson for students to apply the objective without my support.

I also realized that not all students are going to master the objective and complete the independent practice with every lesson.  I had to realize that that's OK.  Sometimes students need to have multiple opportunities for productive struggle until they master a concept.  Sometimes I will need to teach an objective several different ways until it "clicks" for everyone.  This is the reason why I rewrote the lesson to as you see it now.  It is more rigorous and it now gives students the opportunity for discussing the events, and critical thinking. 

  Increasing Rigor In This Lesson
  Rigor: Increasing Rigor In This Lesson
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Sequencing With "Strega Nona"

Unit 12: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT sequence the events in the story "Strega Nona".

Big Idea: In this lesson, I have taken a boring worksheet and turned it into an engaging project that combines the comprehension skill of sequencing with an art project.

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