Reflection: Complex Tasks Introduction to Rhetoric through Analysis of Satire - Section 3: Debrief of Examples & Exit Slip


Frankly, this is a new unit to me.  I have taught Julius Caesar in the past, but I have not done this "rhetorical reading" with freshmen.  I am still taking pre-assessment information from the students to see where the proper level of difficultly is.  They seemed to enjoy the satire prompts because the texts were humorous and light, but I still think that I might be tilting the unit to high towards the RL.11-12.6 standard if I focus on satire.  Ideally, a unit on satire would occur both sophomore and junior years, and though I am glad that I exposed the students to some of the terminology, I am not planning on dialing up my focus on rhetoric to encompass too much satire. We will focus on identifying an explaining Antony's ironic treatment of such words as "honorable" in his funeral oration speech, however.

  Student responses to satire
  Complex Tasks: Student responses to satire
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Introduction to Rhetoric through Analysis of Satire

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: SWBAT explain humorous rhetorical choices by reading and commenting on light satire.

Big Idea: Students read with great insight to examine a writer's choices in creating light satire.

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