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At this early time of the year, not only is First grade new to my students, but Common Core is also new to me.  I am learning to include collaborative activities to my regular lessons to give my students the opportunity to work together to create a finished project.  What I am learning is working in small groups is new for my students.  To get them used to working together, I need to chunk it down for them.  Even though the comic strip activity could have been done independently, I had my students choose a partner to sit next to, so they could work by themselves, but still talk with their friend.

  Practicing to Get an Idea
  Lesson Planning: Practicing to Get an Idea
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Sequencing with Added Detail

Unit 8: Sequence
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT retell a story using pictures and add sentences with detail using first, then, after that, and in the end.

Big Idea: Add some detail to your day. Your students will remember this lesson when they use pictures and details to sequence the story!

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