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Student strengths included vocabulary, reading and constructed response writing.  The weaknesses included grammar achievement, which seems to have backslid in the last month of school.  I think that the average student may have not studied much grammar, as we had just finished a lengthy project, paper, vocabulary study, and previous unit of study on Caesar.  There was likely some fatigue and also some knowledge that the final semester grade was all but finalized.  That said, I think that we did address grammar in the context of writing assignments, and I do think that the students are moving to sophomore year with skills intact. 

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Final Exam: Selected Response and Open Response Analysis and Writing

Unit 12: Reading Unbound: Using a Choice Text to Assess Yearlong Reading and to Explore Intertextual Connections
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT display hard-earned semester long knowledge as they answer questions in both selected response and open response formats.

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