Reflection: Pacing How to read...and create...a Graphic Novel Panel - Section 4: Personal Panel Creation


So, I totally ran out of time for this last part and I had to send it home as homework. I quickly ran through the directions and made sure people knew to use Persepolis as a model text and let them have a few nights to finish their work on their personal panels.

Even with the time shortage, this lesson went WAY better than I expected it to! I have never taughtPersepolis, or any graphic novel actually, so it is always a little nerve wracking to start the school year off with something completely new.

This shows me, though, that I need to moderate my lesson planning a little and work hard to learn my students' pacing. This is always a little hard to figure out at the beginning of the year and I don't want to plan so little that they think my class is going to be too easy. It is a fine balance to strike and I hope I will figure it out better in upcoming lessons. 

  Learning Your Students' Pace
  Pacing: Learning Your Students' Pace
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How to read...and create...a Graphic Novel Panel

Unit 1: Establishing a Classroom Culture: Reading and Writing
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to analyze text for theme and style by using Persepolis as a model text similar for their own writing.

Big Idea: Reading a graphic novel is very different than reading a traditional narrative text. Understanding the various tools a writer/artist utilizes will help to create deeper comprehension of a graphic text.

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