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This was not my best first day lesson implementation. I felt compelled to hand out the video waivers for the Master Teacher Project for my students to sign at the end of class, which I think threw the class off a bit. We also didn't get the level of engagement that we hoped for in this introductory lesson. 

In hindsight, we should have probed students more when they were up in front of the class. They gave minimal details and were quick to sit back down. On the first day of school, I think it is important to give them time to talk out their talkiness (coming back into a regimented environment is hard for all of us). I also think it is important for them to be pushed a little out of their comfort zone by having to work with people they may not know and to stand up in front of all of their peers and speak.

Unfortunately, I don't think we pushed them enough, so we didn't really learn much about our students and our timing was way off. In the future, I want to have more parameters about how many detail they have to share at minimum and I want to make sure I have follow up questions in mind so that I can push them further than they will push themselves early on in the year.

  Finding a Groove
  Classroom Setup: Finding a Groove
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Getting to Know You: Student-to-Student First Day of School Interviews

Unit 1: Establishing a Classroom Culture: Reading and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT participate in collaborative discussions by preparing for presentation of information about their classmates.

Big Idea: In order for students to learn, they need to feel safe. Building classroom community from the early days of school is essential to this process.

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