Reflection: Trust and Respect Learning and Using Temporal Transitional Words - Section 3: Collaborative Activity


In my efforts to transition to CCSS this year, I am including a collaborative activity for the first time with this lesson as well as many others.  Part of the requirement of Common Core is to give students exposure to range of texts and tasks, as well as to prepare them for real world applications.  To me that means giving students opportunities to work with each other to complete a task or activity, that is meaningful and reflects back to the lesson.

I also realize that the task of sequencing apples being eaten to the core may not be a complex task that truly demonstrates student's understanding of the concept.  As I gained more experience working with the Common Core standards, I also realized my students were much more capable than I originally gave them credit for.  With this lesson, especially since it was taught at the beginning of the year, I originally taught the collaborative activity without the guided practice (which is more complex because it applies the sequencing skill to text). However, in rethinking the lesson, I think the collaborative activity can be taught first as an introduction activity, followed by the guided practice section.

An important aspect to collaborative work is to give students the opportunity to share with their classmates.  That is why I pull them back into the large group at the end of the collaboration activity and have them share their work.  Also, if you use a Promethean board, the ActiveSlate is a marvelous piece of technology.  With this tool you can monitor your student work while standing in the back of the room, and still write on the Promethean.  You never need to turn your backs on your students while you are writing!

  Learning to Work Together
  Trust and Respect: Learning to Work Together
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Learning and Using Temporal Transitional Words

Unit 8: Sequence
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use temporal transitional words such as first, next, last, finally to retell the story

Big Idea: Using temporal transitional words makes the story make sense

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