Reflection: Student Ownership Introduction to Sequencing - Section 4: Collaborative Activity


At this beginning stage of my students first grade experience, I need to remind myself that they are still young and learning how to be students.  They are not as independent as last year’s group was at the end of the year.

That being said, students at this age are just learning to read, and sequencing is a new concept that needs to be chunked down in small doses so students can be successful at retelling stories, listening and following directions, as well as giving directions.  Because sequencing and retelling are new concepts, I introduced the sequence game as a means to motivate students.  Games area also a good way to end a unit.

  Student Ownership: Games
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Introduction to Sequencing

Unit 8: Sequence
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story by utilizing an on-line interactive sequencing game.

Big Idea: Use games and simple exercises to make learning more interesting and memorable.

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