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This year, I prepared a select group of 8th graders to take the first-ever Common Core-aligned Algebra I exam.  One of the new tasks was to not only use the quadratic formula, but to DERIVE it.  It was quite fun, and we used a story I found on the Internet that my kids actually LOVED to memorize it (in addition to deriving it).

A negative boy couldn't decide whether or not to go to a radical party.  Being square, he decided NOT to go... and missed out on 4 awesome chicks.  And the party wasn't "over" until 2am.

Get it? :)

See the attached student samples in the resource section for more.

  Rigor: Deriving the quadratic formula
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Unit Assessment on Quadratic Functions

Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery of unit objectives from the unit on quadratic functions.

Big Idea: Assess and analyze! Understand if your kids truly mastered this unit on quadratic functions.

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