Reflection: Trust and Respect Add and subtract positive and negative numbers - Section 4: Homework


You might be wondering why I give answers to the HW - every problem, every night.

Won't kids just cheat and copy?

Well... I give the answers for several reasons:

1) It allows students to receive immediate feedback on whether or not they got the answer right to a problem - in the moment.  When they have time to fix it.  Not the next day during class, when there is no time to use that information.

Students are expected to try to figure out why their answers were wrong on their own first, and then call me or a friend to get help.


2) It reinforces the idea, that I have up on a poster in my room, that "more important than what the answer is is WHY the answer is."  If the answer is already given, you realize that I care much less about the answer and much more about HOW and WHY that is the answer.  It's a huge difference.


3) It offers an opportunity to build character.  Sure, you can cheat... but who will gain? 


Kids have always told me this has helped them enormously.  Check out the text back and forth with one of my students in the resources section.

  Trust and Respect: Why I Give Answers On the HW
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Add and subtract positive and negative numbers

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Objective: SWBAT add and subtract positive and negative numbers.

Big Idea: Good guys and bad guys? Use Spiderman and Venom (and Street Fighter 2) to illustrate the idea of adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

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