Reflection: Classroom Jobs & Expectations - Section 2: Implementation of Jobs


At the beginning of the year, I co-created a list and assigned classroom jobs to the students.  They worked in pairs performing a job.  The jobs were rotated every monday so that every student would get to do all of the jobs at least three times throughout the course of the school year.  Giving students jobs allows them to take ownership for organizing and maintaining our classroom environment.  this is a powerful strategy to develop leadership and responsibility.  The students really like doing their jobs and it gives them a chance to learn to be organized and to be helpful.

  Teaching leadership and Shared Responsibility for the Classroom
  Teaching leadership and Shared Responsibility for the Classroom
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Classroom Jobs & Expectations

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: SWBAT perform a classroom job for one week with a partner to learn leadership skills, share responsibilities, and support our classroom community

Big Idea: Develop Leadership and Shared Responsibilities

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