Reflection: Accountability Additional Practice With Literary Devices and Concepts in Silko's Poem - Section 4: Application


It is difficult to keep a balance between giving students a good amount of time to do a close reading of a text and not overdoing it. Today, students were getting to the point where they had lost focus and were becoming more and more unproductive by the minute. It was important for me to make sure they pushed themselves to identify the devices and ideas I assigned today because these are important for them to know. In this video, I give students a clear sense of what I expect them to annotate. After this, we moved to sharing what they had already annotated and that got students back on track. The audible gasps show that a good example of what is expected can sometimes serve as motivation to continue working. This is further reinforced with the quiz coming up tomorrow.

  Accountability: Keeping Students Focused
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Additional Practice With Literary Devices and Concepts in Silko's Poem

Unit 3: Native American Literature
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT solidify their understanding of literary devices and concepts often found in Native American literature by collaborating to identify these in Silko's poem and getting guidance from me.

Big Idea: Extended time and multiple opportunities to work with literary devices and complex concepts increase chances of mastery.

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