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All of our instructional time with students is precious, so I often have teachers ask whether modeling a lesson or skill is worth the instructional time. Modeling the process of conducting an investigation and recording data is a key to student success in this unit. I use modeling as an instructional strategy to both create shared background knowledge and to build student confidence. As I complete the lab form, I model my thought process for students using the think aloud strategy. Allowing students to interact with you as you engage in modeling allows them to ask questions both the deepen their own understanding of the process and clarify their expectations. Taking the time to model appropriate procedures in scientific investigations pays off in ease of classroom management in future lessons and in a higher-quality student product.

  Why use a model lesson?
  Modeling: Why use a model lesson?
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A Model Investigation

Unit 1: Poppers
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe the steps in a scientific investigation.

Big Idea: The teacher uses a student-created question to demonstrate the steps of a scientific investigation.

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