Reflection: Journaling Science is "Snow" Much Fun! (Part 2) - Section 4: Evaluation


When trying to think of activities for this science project, I try to combine learning with lots of fun.  I think that the two ideas can be married, with great gains in the classroom.  I believe the more the students love what they are learning, the more they love to learn and the cycle is never-ending.  This scientific project is sooooo fun! When creating it for the first time at home I have to tell you I was so excited myself.  My heart just melted when I saw how cute these little beings were.  I think the idea of snow and snowmen in summer is just plain fun!  I hope your class has as much fun as we did exploring science!  Who knows, it might even melt your heart!

  Science Melted My Heart!
  Journaling: Science Melted My Heart!
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Science is "Snow" Much Fun! (Part 2)

Unit 1: Igniting Science Inquiry
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT make a hypothesis and collect data in an investigation.

Big Idea: A melting snowman experiment is snow much fun!

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