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I have found that students often struggle with using classroom conversations as a learning tool. A goal of this lesson is that students share their product with a peer to gain feedback that helps them evaluate their overall approach to conducting an investigation. To ensure that students can successfully engage in this activity, I build in structures to help scaffold the conversation between students. First, I ensure that students have ample opportunity to practice collaborative conversations in a variety of subject areas. In this case, practice really does make the skill (closer to) perfect! Second, I provide students with a deliverable goal for each partner conversation. In this case, I would ask students to document any changes, new questions, or area of concern directly on their lab form immediately after the conversation. Lastly, I provide students with sentence starters (such as, After listening to your lab, one new question I have is... or The strongest section is ... because...) to help students begin a discussion and to keep them on task.  

  Collaborative Conversations
  Routines and Procedures: Collaborative Conversations
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Designing a Poppers Investigation

Unit 1: Poppers
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT list and describe the steps of a scientific investigation.

Big Idea: Student use a self-created testable question to create a scientific investigation.

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