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Observation is a very powerful tool that scientists use in almost every aspect of their daily work.  This statement seems so obvious but sometimes we take it for granted.  When I really sat down and thought about what was important to teach the children in order to create future scientists, observation seemed of upmost importance.  The more ways to engage the children in doing observations, the better they will become at noticing even the smallest change or detail.  The idea of making snow in the late summer is fun and leads to great opportunities to observe something special and unique!


  Observation is Powerful!
  Journaling: Observation is Powerful!
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Science is "Snow" Much Fun! (Part 1)

Unit 1: Igniting Science Inquiry
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT observe a new substance and write down three observations about it.

Big Idea: Making "snow" in summer leads to interesting scientific observations!

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