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Before we move on to student practice, I point out to my largely Spanish speaking students that owing to the fact that Spanish is a Romance language, many of the Latin terms are very similar to Spanish words and that they may actually be at an advantage to understand scientific terms if they are a bit creative with their ear.  

For example: Homo sapiens is Latin for “wise man”, which would be hombre sabio in Spanish.  This example highlights that, compared to English words, Spanish words are much closer to Latin words. This example also presents an opportunity to point out that some scientific roots are homophones that have different meanings depending if they are Greek and Latin in origin (e.g., “homo” in Latin means “man”, but “homo” in Greek means “same”).

  ELL Connection: the Latin ancestry of Spanish
  Student Ownership: ELL Connection: the Latin ancestry of Spanish
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Etymology: What's with all the big words in science?

Unit 1: The Nature of Science
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Objective: To familiarize students with the history of scientific terminology and provide opportunities to practice "decoding" scientific terms with the help of a list of prefixes and suffixes.

Big Idea: Students understand the origin and rationale of using scientific terminology and equip themselves to understand the terms they will encounter throughout the course.

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