Reflection: Pacing Analyzing Silko's Poem Through Literary Devices - Section 3: Whole Group Discussion


Annotating this text has been quite time-consuming. Students are generally resistant to annotating and part of it has to do with how much time it takes to thoroughly annotate. It is important to let students know that I am asking them to spend this much time today annotating, but that annotating does not have to be this detailed. The reason why I am asking them to be so detailed today is because they are basically engaging with the poem in depth. I try to instill the idea that annotating is a good habit, but I am afraid today may have made it difficult for me to send that message because we they only got though a couple of stanzas and there are plenty left. However, I feel good about the fact that in their search for the devices and ideas I asked them to look for, they were spending precious time with the poem and thinking about what  and how Silko was communicating. In the video I shared, you can get a glimpse of how this student is processing the information as he tries to identify what device he is perceiving.

  The Process of Thoroughly Annotating A Text
  Pacing: The Process of Thoroughly Annotating A Text
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Analyzing Silko's Poem Through Literary Devices

Unit 3: Native American Literature
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT analyze Silko's poem by searching for and annotating literary devices in this Native American poem.

Big Idea: Studying literary devices in a poem leads to better understanding of it.

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