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A couple of interesting things happened while the students were choosing novels to read for character change. While previewing the options, some students noticed a copy of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson on my desk and asked if they could read that instead of one from the list. To do that, they had to preview it and tell me if it fit our area of focus, plus there had to be at least 3 students willing to form a group, which they did! Another group of kids that already read Travel Team asked if they could read another of Mike Lupica's books if it fit the criteria. They came in the next day not just with a suggestion but with copies of the book! It was gratifying to see the kids take initiative in these ways.

  Listen to Your Students!
  Adjustments to Practice: Listen to Your Students!
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Choice Novel Unit: Give Kids a NOVEL Choice

Unit 9: Character Change: Choice Novel Unit
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Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze the effects of a novel’s plot on its characters.

Big Idea: Students choose from a variety of novels for this unit on character change.

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