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5 is a great place to start building subitizing with your kinders. The Common Core Standards require fluency in addition and subtraction to five so creating activities that support this skill is essential. This activity provides a place for the kids to start thinking about what it means to have five. Through the use of contrasting color and manipulatives, the kids get to see and manipulate the quantity of five in various ways which allows them to clearly see and feel the combinations that make five. This is a stepping stone in understanding combinations that make ten.

  Why 5?
  Staircase of Complexity: Why 5?
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Shake & Count 5

Unit 12: What Makes 5?
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Objective: SWBAT identify and record combinations that make 5 by shaking, spilling and counting two-sided (red and yellow) counters from a cup.

Big Idea: Kindergarten students are expected to master fluency of addition equations to five. In order to do this, they must gain conceptual understanding of what it means to have five objects and the different combinations found within five.

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