Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Comparing Temperatures - Section 3: Creating Word Problems


I did not tell students today what strategy to use to solve the number problems they were creating, or solving for a friend. I wanted them to make sense of the problems and persevere to think of a strategy that might work (MP1). I stepped back and observed the strategies students employed with the larger numbers.

Some of my students used place value strategies efficiently. They manipulated the tens and then the hundreds to gain an answer to their problems. One student mixed the tens and hundreds. She tried to find the difference between 60 and 800. She subtracted the 6 from the 8 and got 2 so her final answer was 200. She was aware that we use place value strategies, but she showed that her understanding of place value is still not complete. She did not grasp the difference between the 8 in the hundred's place and the 6 in the tens place. If she had taken out the base ten blocks here and built the 2 numbers, she would have noticed her own mistake. Our next step is to do just that so that she can strengthen her understanding of place value. 

  Working With Larger Number Strategies
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Working With Larger Number Strategies
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Comparing Temperatures

Unit 6: Everything in Its Place
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT order larger numbers from smallest to largest, including negative numbers.

Big Idea: Students should be able to recognize what makes one number greater or smaller than another, using place value understanding which is crucial to Common Core mastery.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Money, addition, subtraction, counting, larger number
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