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The decision to have a "non-google" day is based on lots of experience with students and research.  I wanted to eliminate the random searching with no direction or quality that I've watched my students do in the past while still allowing them to be in charge of the inquiry.

Using these particular sites allows students to search in a way that will expose them to current content that - let's be honest - they wouldn't have clicked on in a google search.

I did this without any assurance of how it would turn out, and I was pleased.  While a few students struggled with the navigation (they are too accustomed to googling everything hence the need for this), several students identified topics that they wouldn't have thought of otherwise and the information students located to support their topic will point the in the right direction tomorrow when they continue.

  Why Not Google It?
  Student Led Inquiry: Why Not Google It?
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Research Part 1

Unit 10: Argument - Part 2
Lesson 2 of 17

Objective: SWBAT use the time in class to locate support for their argument.

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