Reflection: Perseverance Scale and Powers of Ten - Section 4: Application


Students may be inclined to quickly ask for help during this time. If many students are struggling, as evidenced by many raised hands, I take time to talk about two important classroom strategies -- grappling and ask three, then me.

Grappling means struggling with a problem. One of my long-term goals for the year is to increase the amount of time that students are comfortable wrestling with problems. This is key for success in science. The other piece regards classroom culture.

I explain to the class that in my classroom everyone is a teacher, and that teaching is a great way to reinforce and learn more deeply what you already know. I note that often times other students know the answer to another student's question, and that if I can focus on the questions that no one else in the class has an answer to, then that will be a smart way for the class to manage me as a limited resource.

  Perseverance: Grappling
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Scale and Powers of Ten

Unit 1: Chemical and Physical Properties
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to relate scale to metric prefixes and the power of ten.

Big Idea: Scientists use instruments and metric units to quantify and understand the size of objects from huge to tiny.

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