Reflection: Checks for Understanding Graphing Exponential Functions - Section 3: Exit Slip


I find that the best strategy for most of my students to use until they better understand the shifts is creating a t-table to plot points and then analyzing what is happening with the graph. I tell my students that even if they have to use a t-table, to think about how the graph is different from the original exponential function after graphing.  

Most of the students missed 1c in the Exit Slip because it had two transformations with the two negatives in the problem. Not only was the graph reflected over the x axis but as x increases y increases.  

The students did well with stating that the domain of all of the exponential functions was all real numbers, but struggled more with the range for graphs c and e.  They made the mistake of writing the highest number of the range first and then to negative infinity instead of negative infinity to the number.

  Judging Performance on Today's Exit Slip
  Checks for Understanding: Judging Performance on Today's Exit Slip
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Graphing Exponential Functions

Unit 6: Exponential Functions
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT graph an exponential function and identify the domain, range, horizontal asymptote, continuity, the x intercept, and the y intercept.

Big Idea: In this lesson, the students should recognize how the vocabulary of graphing translates from a linear function to an exponential function.

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