Reflection: Trust and Respect Imagining the War Draft - Section 2: Quick Write And Sharing


I was afraid I may have placed too much emphasis on the fact that the war had become unpopular. This was a concern because it is not a good idea to guide students to one singular conclusion.  It is important to allow students to express an honest response regarding such difficult topic. Their responses clearly show they did feel free to make their own choice. Their responses also reveal they seriously weighed the consequences of not going to war, such as these two students. This should put students in a good place to understand what the character is experiencing in “On the Rainy River.” 

  Trust and Respect: Student Responses
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Imagining the War Draft

Unit 9: The Things They Carried
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Objective: SWBAT be better prepared to engage with O'Brien's "On the Rainy River" by imagining they have just received a draft letter and weighing options.

Big Idea: Walking in somebody else's shoes, even if just in our imagination, can help us find compassion for those in difficult situations.

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