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Of the four comprehension questions that appear at the end of the story, the one that poses a challenge is the fourth. All of the students identified that Douglas will pay with the coins from his bank and run errands for Mr. Sanderson in exchange for the sneakers, but many forgot to include that he would also pay a dollar. The conversation that followed was surprising –they did not understand why Douglas offered it in the first place. “It’s such a small amount. What does a dollar matter, anyway?” Well, a dollar’s value should never be overlooked, but in the time period of the story it bought much more than today. In the 1950s a gallon of gas cost $0.26, a hamburger $0.15, and movie ticket for a child $0.10. Now that is a revelation to the kids – which is a good way to put it since ‘revelation’ is a vocabulary word.

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Delving Deeper into Motivation: The Sound of Summer Running

Unit 8: Character Change: Short Stories
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT draw inferences about a character’s motives from his/her actions.

Big Idea: Are you motivated enough to get what you want? Douglas is!

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English / Language Arts, character development
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