Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Springing into Hooke's Law - Section 3: Hooke's Law Inquiry Lab


My nature is to normally walk around and really talk with the students while they are working on the lab.  College Board's shift to a more inquiry-based lab environment is constantly causing me to adjust and be slightly less "available" to the students.  It's not easy for me to be stingy with the information, but it's giving the kids a better sense of ownership in their learning.  

I have one student in particular who is constantly asking me to clarify directions.  He'll inevitably give me a thumbs-down any time we do hand signals!  The irony in this situation is that he consistently out-scores his peers on tests and quizzes, but has such low self-esteem that he has trouble having confidence in his decisions and design process.  His parents and I have spoken a few times and his confidence is low in everything he does, but we're working together to get him to believe in himself as much as we do!

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Springing into Hooke's Law

Unit 10: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students describe, measure, and analyze the applied force and stretch distance of a spring.

Big Idea: Today is all about stretching students' knowledge of Hooke's Law by exploring the relationships between forces, mass, and displacement.

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