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I've been using Jeff Anderson's book, Everyday Editing for several years because I like the suggested style of instruction, it's brought positive responses in the classroom, and provided student motivation.

There are several basic steps he uses within this manual which can easily be transferred to any grammar lesson.  It begins with Invitation to Notice, a Discussion of Mentor Sentences taken from pieces of literature, leading to an Invitation to Edit, then on to students modeling the technique by imitating the sample sentence, and finally, a celebration of student sentences - sharing with the class.

The celebration is very rewarding for students and myself.  At this point, most students are excited with the creations they have written.  Through my encouragement they try to incorporate the concept into their everyday writing.  Often I get the comment - When are we going to do that thing again - like writing sentences?  What else can I ask for?

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Unit 5: Grammar
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Objective: SWBAT use appositives precisely to eliminate wordiness and redundancy.

Big Idea: How can I get rid of some choppy sentences?

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