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Sometimes, it seems to us that our lessons are as clear as day, but for our students they are as clear as mud.  Doing some sort of evaluation or assessment after teaching a lesson, gives us the information we need to plan on moving forward or taking a few steps back.  After this lesson, I thought most of my students understood the idea of exclamation marks, but this was not the case for everyone.  Depending on the number of students who are unsure determines how I will reteach this concept.  Fortunately, only a few were still struggling, so I did some reteaching during our small group time.

  Checks for Understanding: If at First You Don't Succeed...
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If You Were an Exclamation Point

Unit 9: Learning About Punctuation
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT understand what an exclamation point means and indicate its proper placement. Student Objective: I can use a exclamation point correctly in a sentence.

Big Idea: Look here! It's time to learn exclamation points!

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